The Value of Time and Connection

As my time for departure quickly approaches, I’m scrambling to make more memories with the kids. The reality of it all- that I will be gone for 5 MONTHS- is finally hitting and I’m wishing I had done more things with each of the kids individually when I had more time.  I’ve been skiing and doing little things here and there with all three, but … Continue reading The Value of Time and Connection

College and Mission

    Hah, original title, I know ūüôā Let me first start by saying that prayer is something I’ve never truly gained a testimony of. I have struggled to implement it into my day to day life, and it still isn’t always my go to when I’m feeling overwhelmed. But these past few weeks (especially days) I’ve really strived to focus on prayer and my relationship … Continue reading College and Mission

Thankful for Friendships and Vulnerability 

*This was written yesterday (Wednesday), but once I saved it to drafts I couldn’t find it, so here I am, less technologically impaired than I was 24 hours ago, finally posting. Since this is also about gratitude, I feel it’s fitting for Thanksgiving too. Hopefully you are reading this AFTER all the festivities… family and friends first! Anyway… Trying to clean out my room before … Continue reading Thankful for Friendships and Vulnerability¬†

Random College/Life Rant

As I’ve already mentioned in my first post, I wasn’t too keen on (British/Australian saying that just sounds so cool… pretty sure I’ve never said it out loud before though, haha) the idea of college and MORE SCHOOL was just depressing. There are subjects that I do excel in, and-more importantly- ENJOY, but I was letting my weaker areas (math and science) really drag me … Continue reading Random College/Life Rant