The Value of Time and Connection

As my time for departure quickly approaches, I’m scrambling to make more memories with the kids. The reality of it all- that I will be gone for 5 MONTHS- is finally hitting and I’m wishing I had done more things with each of the kids individually when I had more time. 

I’ve been skiing and doing little things here and there with all three, but they really need that one on one time. They’re behavior totally changes and you can easily perceive how much they want to feel loved and accepted. Then I feel horrible for all the times I lost my temper and/or was quick to judge the situation. 

That being said, now that I have only A WEEK LEFT, I’m trying to understand what I can do with each kid that will be meaningful… And since they’re kids, fun! Usually when I go on a “date” with a kid, some kind of physical activity is involved, followed by a treat, but I want to do something more centered on them. 

Sometimes the bigger the activity, the less personal and connecting it is. Pretty ironic. Reading to them is something that they really do enjoy if I put forth the time. Cooking is also pretty good because  we get a lot of interaction, not to mention the entertaining aspect. Just yesterday, Hunter (7) was showing me how he can cook sausage on two pans at a time… Needless to say, one pan was borderline burned and the other was way undercooked, hah. 

My mindset is shifting, especially now that it’s hitting me that my time is so limited. It doesn’t matter how well cook… The finished product is far less important than the time spent bonding! It’s really hard for me to remember that in the rush of day to day life, but that doesn’t change the importance of it. 

Going to make these last 7 days count! Time to up the connection and interaction based activities. So grateful for my family and the bonds we’re able to create! 

*Thought I’d mention: I don’t edit or really read through these posts… They’re more for my benefit than anyone else! Just getting some of my thoughts on “paper” and sharing where I’m at in life has been really rewarding and eye opening. That being said, expect grammar, punctuation, format,  and just writing errors overall, hah 🙂


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