Thankful for Friendships and Vulnerability 

*This was written yesterday (Wednesday), but once I saved it to drafts I couldn’t find it, so here I am, less technologically impaired than I was 24 hours ago, finally posting. Since this is also about gratitude, I feel it’s fitting for Thanksgiving too. Hopefully you are reading this AFTER all the festivities… family and friends first! Anyway…

Trying to clean out my room before the holiday season kicks in, and I’ll find excuses not to under the pretense of “getting presents” for people. TRYING being the key word, ha!

Went through my “memory box” today… Basically, it’s a compilation of papers, pictures, and mementos that I want to remember and are special to me. It gets harder and harder to narrow it down, but I’ve discovered that the things I value keeping most are typically not physical objects, but letters and little notes from people I care about.

At the time I may not have valued them or seen much significance, but rereading some of those letters and looking back at different memories, I feel so grateful for the friendships and bonds I’ve strengthened over time.

Looking back, I wish I’d done certain things differently and ACTED on prompting to express how I felt at the time. I’m good at having that initial thought, but really good at either disregarding it, or not acting immediacy on that idea, and then forgetting.

I can be such a perfectionist too! Came across 5 or so DIFFERENT journals that were less than halfway full. I had disregarded them over time because I didn’t like the handwriting! Haha, that’s one aspect of my life where my perfectionist tendencies are more apparent. Definitely a goal now to actually COMPLETE a journal, regardless of the writing quality and eligibility! I WILL NOT give in to my inner critic at the expense of wasting notebooks and writing less. Hi-ya! TAKE THAT, HAH.

Seeing at those letters and journal entries made me realize that I KNOW what I should be doing, but am not putting an action plan forward to make it happen. Not that everything should be planned out, but I do need to set more goals weekly that I hold myself accountable for.

Pinterest is so motivating too. I used to print some of my favorite quotes and tape them by mirror. That really helped me recenter and recognize where I wanted to become better. I’ll admit, the artsy quotes with cute lettering were usually the ones I picked, but it’s the message that REALLY matters, hah.

Below are some of my favorites about relationships (not talking romantic, but friendships… although both are applicable) and opening up to people. Hope it serves as a reminder to you all about what matters most. Make every moment with those you love count!



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