“Liking” Life vs Living It

I delete my photos often on my phone. 16GB so I usually transfer over to my computer the millions of quotes I save from Pinterest over the course of a few months. As I was scrolling through my pictures today though, I came across one I remember saving and setting as my screensaver a few months ago. 

I remember vowing to put my phone down and go do something productive, like read my scriptures or maybe call a family member and catch up, as apposed to aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and Facebook posts for what was supposed be “only 5 minutes,” but usually resulted in anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour of time wasted. 
I had good intentions, but since I still struggle with the same things, I’m going to take a wild guess that those aspirations petered out and I slowly fell into old habits. That’s what is so crazy. THE POWER OF HABIT! There’s a book with that exact title, I think. I read it a few years ago (actually, I may have only gotten 3/4 of the way through, hah) and can vaguely remember how much habits really do create who we are and determine our future. 

Those seemingly small choices we make each day really DO add up in the long run. It’s hard to see it because it happens progressively over time, but just because you can’t see it immediately doesn’t mean change (whether positive or negative) is taking place.

I can definitely identify the power of habit in my exercise regime… Or what WAS my exercise regime! Been slacking just a little (A LOT) this past month or so. I made a goal to exercise a certain amount at certain times each week last January. Although the first month or so was hard and took a lot of discipline on the days where “I just wasn’t feeling it,” it paid off in the long run. Come March, my day felt incomplete and off without my morning workout. Exercise was less of a chore. I did it because I felt good afterwards. It was as routine as eating lunch or brushing my teeth. 

But when I said I was tired of the same routine and decided to switch things up by “taking a little break,” I took more than a LITTLE BREAK and slowly fell back into old habits, making the same excuses and claiming I’d get back on track “next week!” 

I smile thinking back on it. So typical of me, hah. Anyway, moral of the story is, habits can be implemented that will help you become a better you! I know I can get to a point where I really utilize technology for all it’s positive capabilities, without getting sucked in and misusing my time. 

Experiencing REAL LIFE is more important and should take PRIORITY. Coming from the girl who hasn’t been out of the house this week, except to go to work, buy food, and get a dental check-up (oh, the exciting life I live). Hahaha, point is, that cycle needs to STOP. It will take time and I will mess up, that’s a guarantee, but trying is what matter. The cliche truth. 


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