Random College/Life Rant

As I’ve already mentioned in my first post, I wasn’t too keen on (British/Australian saying that just sounds so cool… pretty sure I’ve never said it out loud before though, haha) the idea of college and MORE SCHOOL was just depressing. There are subjects that I do excel in, and-more importantly- ENJOY, but I was letting my weaker areas (math and science) really drag me down (no, I’m not trying to copy One Direction).

Those areas are still not up to speed, and I know getting to that point will take time, effort, and consistency, but I’m really happy with myself, regardless of where I’m at. I don’t have such a fixed mindset about my strengths academically. When I was younger, I would automatically just shut down to the idea of actually liking math. What was the point, since I wasn’t naturally “good” at it? That was my mindset whenever I saw a pencil and thick workbook with a bunch of symbols on it. Now, although I still do have days where I struggle with concepts and feel defeated, I push through it and focus on the little victories.

Comparing myself to others is a big weakness of mine, and when I do that with math, I feel so insecure and embarrassed. I’m learning more and more to forget what others think. I am where I am, and the sooner I accept that, move on, and DO SOMETHING about it, the better off I’ll be. Super simple life lesson, but way harder to apply and live in my day to day life.

But now that I AM getting ready to take the ACT (better late than never, lol) and looking into colleges, I’m getting really excited! And even if my score isn’t what I hope for, I can still take it again in February before I go to China.

There are so many colleges out there, it’s overwhelming. Since I don’t have a specific major/career in mind yet, it makes things a little easier… haha, or harder, I’m not really sure. Looking into lots of different schools, mostly in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah. The idea of a community college for my generals is appealing because it’s cheaper, and, although I feel like I can function alright in big social situations, I’d like to start a little smaller (maybe) since the last time I was in public school was kindergarten.

My only concern is that credits won’t transfer. Haven’t done tons of research yet, but sadly, some of the community colleges I’ve liked in Arizona (SUN, YES PLEASE) don’t transfer to Utah (where I have more family/friends and SKIING). Really need to brainstorm and make a list of pros and cons. Not to mention, I should definitely be praying about it. That’s something I don’t do enough of. I know God can help me understand what the right path is for me personally, but I have to actually ask and work for an answer.

It’s funny, I feel like I sometimes secretly  pride myself (darn, the secret’s out now) on being wise and having a clear head on my shoulders, but when it boils down to actually ACTING on promptings that will help my grow, I falter. Need to work on not being the perfect “all talk, no action” kind of person, haha (pretty sure I’m going to regret this brutal honesty ON THE INTERNET later, but… admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, right? So it can only help me).

mesa cc
Pictured above is Mesa Community College. I was looking into it initially, but it doesn’t transfer credits to the other colleges I’m interested in. Still keeping on my list of possible schools though. We’ll see what happens! P.S. Definitely not my picture… last time I tried to go to Arizona our car broke down.

One thought on “Random College/Life Rant

  1. Hi Emma, if you don’t mind my two bits… Many schools, now, don’t require the ACT or SAT, or make them optional. I think your language program will be a great resume’ builder. Also, definitely consider a 2+2 program for college. It will be a good transition from your home schooling background into a major college experience. It’s is also considerably cheaper. 👍🏻 Google 2+2 programs. Feeder schools/community schools will know where their students can transfer easily. Larger universities are more receptive to kids from 2+2 who have proven themselves successful at a community school. Best of luck as you figure out life. We are all at various stages along the same path. Say hi to your mom for me.


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