Inner Beauty


No idea who this guy is, but I love, love, love this quote! I’ve shared it on Facebook, and I’ll share it again. Such a good, powerful reminder for us girls. It is SO EASY in the world we live in today to focus mainly on our outward appearance. I’m so guilty of that! I don’t always put tons of effort into how I look, but I am still so conscious of it. My confidence is often defined by it too, which is so sad!

Rupi Kaur is right; there is so much more to us than how we look. Our body and physical features are just the surface! It’s how we survive and physically experience life, but that aspect of us is minor compared to the other aspects of our being. Our ability to feel, learn, and grow is not dependent, nor does it have anything to do with how we look physically, but rather, how we respond to challenges thrown our way. Experiences mold us, and either we grow positive characteristics and strengths, or we don’t.

Again, writing this, I KNOW it’s true and I KNOW that inner beauty IS what really matters. But five minutes earlier, scrolling through Instagram, I was forgetful, beating myself up for “not looking like this person” and “not having funny captions like  so and so.” It’s crazy how easy it is to FORGET momentarily what we’re really worth. Happens in the blink of an eye without you even realizing it. And suddenly, you go from happy and content, to depressed and lacking confidence.

A few weeks ago, I ran into a girl (on Instagram) with a great message that sort of goes along with this. Essena O’Neill is an Australian ex-model, I guess you could say, who looked happy from her posts, but was really struggling internally to find happiness and meaning in her life. Her blog, was really helpful and inspiring to me. I don’t have the same beliefs and opinions about social media that she does, and she’s had was different exposure to certain things that I haven’t, but I love the one of the overall messages she’s sharing.

That is, physical beauty is NOT the end all be all, and being physically attractive is NOT how we should measure ourselves and gain our confidence. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO YOU! That feeling you get when you go outside of your comfort zone and talk to someone new; that’s happiness! That’s growth. And it feels good. It’s hard to explain and identify sometimes, but it’s exhilarating and it’s powerful.

Good quote from Pinterest (my bff) that I really need to put on my mirror and all over my house, including my pantry and the ceiling above my bed:








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