About Me

Hello all!

A few things about me and in no particular order:

•The oldest of 5 kids, 3 of which were adopted from Taiwan.

•Love all things musical (as long as I’m alone singing/messing around on the piano and there are soundproof walls separating me from my audience).

•Enjoy sports, especially soccer, volleyball, and skiing (cross country and downhill for life).

•Was quite a perfectionist from an early age and I still have a few tendencies, but most days I feel like my life is a crazy mess and it doesn’t rattle and unbalance me like it used to (not sure if that’s a good thing or not).

•I’m 18 and graduated high school last year.

That being said, since I’m not currently in college, like most of my fellow graduates, I get asked lots of questions relating to the future and my plans.

Thanks to Pinterest, my typical response to the frequently asked question of, “What are you doing with your life? ” is, “It’s a surprise!” 

I freely admit now that I wish I had researched and applied to colleges BEFORE I graduated, but I didn’t. School became more of a chore junior and senior year, and I let that apathetic mentality towards my education affect my grades and future. I lost direction and purpose, and am honestly still trying to piece things together. 

As far a career goes, nothing has ever really stuck out. I know that job shadowing and interning would be the best bet at really discovering what I love and potential careers. I didn’t want to go straight to college though, so decided to take this year off to put a plan together. 

Ironically, I’ve found that the more time I have, the more I misuse and waste it. Crazy how that works, isn’t it? 

Considered creating a blog a few months back when I decided to volunteer to teach English abroad with a program called ILP (Iternational Language Program). I didn’t submit all my paperwork in time, and, consequently, was #1 on the waiting list. Sadly, after weeks of hoping for the best, I didn’t get bumped up. I was told that I’d be notified if someone got sick or had a family emergency, and that I could take their place if that occurred, though chances were slim.

I didn’t have a plan B (seriously, apathy is my biggest weakness) and was fretting because of what people would think of me: mooching off my parents… Like living in their house, using their cars, eating all their food (especially eating Nutella in seemingly unimaginable amounts), all without a full time job or prospective future. 

That’s another thing (or two) that is difficult for me: overcoming people’s opinions and the fear of being judged.

To sum these last few months up:

September to October- half heartedly “studying,” the majority of my focus going into eating cleaner and working out at least five times a week. 

I’m not saying those things were bad, I just wasn’t looking forward. Finally, wake up call came that I needed to figure out my next step in life. Did a lot of thinking, praying, and writing and decided that I’d reapply for the China program with ILP and do their spring 2016 semester. 

And now, here I am: Frantically trying to finish travel documents that are now OVERDUE (lol, go me), while trying to comprehend how I will cope, going from the sub arctic temperatures of Anchorage, Alaska, to 90% humidity in Changzhou, China. 

This blog will be recording my pre-departure thoughts and crazy happenings, as well as my adventures there. I don’t know how much free time I will have, but will do what I can, while also soaking up the experience of a different culture. I’m hoping to continue this blog after China as well, and am excited to see where I will be and what I will be up to at that point.

Until next time.



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