Thankful for Home

   Drove out to Wasilla for Thanksgiving yesterday… And had to get some pics! Pretty sure neighboring drivers on the highway thought I was crazy for holding my phone out the passenger window to get the photos. Was worth it though and my phone is still intact.  Crazy to think that I may not experience another November here again for awhile! Bittersweet. We’ve lived here … Continue reading Thankful for Home

Thankful for Friendships and Vulnerability 

*This was written yesterday (Wednesday), but once I saved it to drafts I couldn’t find it, so here I am, less technologically impaired than I was 24 hours ago, finally posting. Since this is also about gratitude, I feel it’s fitting for Thanksgiving too. Hopefully you are reading this AFTER all the festivities… family and friends first! Anyway… Trying to clean out my room before … Continue reading Thankful for Friendships and Vulnerability 

Random College/Life Rant

As I’ve already mentioned in my first post, I wasn’t too keen on (British/Australian saying that just sounds so cool… pretty sure I’ve never said it out loud before though, haha) the idea of college and MORE SCHOOL was just depressing. There are subjects that I do excel in, and-more importantly- ENJOY, but I was letting my weaker areas (math and science) really drag me … Continue reading Random College/Life Rant

About Me

Hello all! A few things about me and in no particular order: •The oldest of 5 kids, 3 of which were adopted from Taiwan. •Love all things musical (as long as I’m alone singing/messing around on the piano and there are soundproof walls separating me from my audience). •Enjoy sports, especially soccer, volleyball, and skiing (cross country and downhill for life). •Was quite a perfectionist … Continue reading About Me